On 16th–17th December, 2014, Nuclear Security Center of Excellence (VSCOE) at the Border Guard School at the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania have been conducting the training “Usage of the radiation detection equipment and detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials“. The training is designed for the officers of State Border Guard Service.

The training curriculum consists of two parts. The first part was done using e-learning training platform where participants themselves studied course „Secondary Radiation control at the State Border Crossing Point“. At the completion of the e-learning part participants successfully passed the on-line knowledge control test. The purpose of the first part of the training – to provide trainees with a very basic and simple subject matter information in order to be prepared for the practical training part.

During the second training part, instructors and participants have been studying the legal regulations and procedures related to the radiation control at the Border Crossing Points; the samples of certificates for the cargo which have normally occurred radioactive materials (NORM), the procedures and requirements for issuance of licenses and temporary permissions for transporting, possession and usage of the radioactive sources.

During the practical exercises participants continue to develop their skills and capacity to work with hand-held radiation detection devices, to identify the certain radionuclides and to document the data collected. Also, hand-on exercises handling Central Alarm System are conducted; participants discuss the alarm signals given by the Radiation Portal Monitors and try to interpret the data.

Radiation Portal Monitors and number of hand-held radiation detection devices were donated to the NSCOE by USA Department of Energy Second Line of Defence Program. The Office of Second Line of Defence (SLD) works to prevent illicit trafficking in nuclear and radiological materials by securing international land borders, seaports and airports that may be used as smuggling routes for materials needed for malicious purposes.