This year during September 5-7th at the Border Guard School‘s Nuclear Security Center of Excellence, radiation safety trainings were organized in conjunction with the Radiation Protection Center and the Firefighters‘ School. 14 Border Guard Service officials from Vilnius, Varena, Lazdija, Pagega, Pakrantis, Ignalina Atomic Energy Guard, and Border Guard School attended. These participants, who are also this year‘s Border Control Point radiation control instructors, were trained according to the U.S. Department of Energy‘s Second Line of Defense program. Continued studies are designed to refresh general radiation safety information. During the three day refresher course, the participants examined the following topics: ionizing radiation, its sources, types, and effects; doses and types of measurement units; radiological and nuclear emergencies, their consequences, and legal regulation in Lithuania; workers‘ personal protective equipment and individual dosimetric control; ionizing radiation source identification, device usage; parked ionizing radiation sources, their identification, management, and other topics. The participants also received a firefighting and rescue presentation, examined the liquidification of radiological incident consequences, and executed a Border Guard School instructors-led practicum for radiological incident management.