On May 7-8, 2019 the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence organized and conducted training on “Radiation Control at Border Inspection” for officers of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) Pagegiai Border District.

The training was divided into two phases: the first – independent e-learning phase, organized on the Moodle platform, the second – contact learning phase organized in Padegiai District. During this period, officers improved some knowledge of: the importance of cross-border radiation control, its significance and existing threats, the procedures for carrying out radiation control of officials of the SBGS, the methodology for the detection of ionizing radiation, the legal transportation of radioactive cargo and the peculiarities of checking these cargoes. A lot of time was spent on practical classes, during which participants worked with manual dosimetric control devices, learned to detect sources of ionizing radiation, identify them and record data. During all training, special attention was paid to the safe work of detecting increased ionizing radiation.

Officers also practiced with the central alarm station software, and investigated the order of response to alarm events recorded by dosimetric control equipment.