On 8th–9thApril, 2014, NSCOE together with specialists of State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior Border Guard School Professional Subjects Unit conducted the training “Working with radiation control equipment and detection of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials“. The training was designed for the officers of State Border Guard Service, 14 of them attended the training in the computerized classroom in Pagegiai Frontier District.

The training was divided into two parts. During the first part participants had to get familiar with the material prepared individually and put into the online learning platform. During the second part, officers from Border Guard School Professional Subjects Unit presented the regulations for border guards in order to ensure radiation control, the documentation of the natural radio nucleotides, the issuance of licenses and terminal permissions. During the practical lessons participants had a chance to work with hand-held radiation control devices, tried to identify the sources of radioactive materials and documented the data about the detected radio nucleotides. Also the practical training with Central alarm system was conducted and the participants were able to observe the signals from the portal monitors.

In the end of the training the participants performed the test. Those who successfully finished the course received the completion certificates.