On 17– 26 April, 2019, the specialists of the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) conducted Radiation Control Instructors Training for State Border Guard Service (SBGS) officers. 13 officers, who came from Vilnius, Pagegiai, Ignalina, Varena and Coast Guard frontier districts, participated in the event. The purpose of the training was to prepare the officers to conduct radiation control activities for their colleagues in the workplace.

The training was devided into two phases: the first – independent learning phase, organized on the Moodle platform, the second – contact learning phase organized at the SBGS Border Guard School. During this period, officers acquired some knowledge of radiation protection, developed the skills in the use of specialized stationary and portable equipment, learned effective methods of performing border control, identified and evaluated explosives. The latter topic was introduced by the invited lecturer – Major Šarūnas Petkus, Chief Agent of Division J2 of the Joint Forces Board at the Dignitary Protection Department under the Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter – DPD). The SBGS and the DPD have been working closely together since 2013, and assisting each other during trainings, joint operations, exercises and other events.

As a lot of attention was paid to the planning of sessions and the methods of adult education, the participants of the training gained practical skills.

The principle “Train the trainer” is being widely used for SBGS officers’ preparation and helps to expand opportunities for officers’ training at their workplace. Officers’ motivation of becoming an instructor and appropriate preparation to conduct classes is the base which ensures successful implementation of the principle “Train the trainer”.

Every year NSCOE organizes preparation for one group of instructors, whose members cooperate with each other, deliver trainings for their colleagues at the SBGS units and share best practices.

Officers, who have attended that two-phase training and have passed the credit, will receive certificates of completion of the Radiation Control instructor in the near future. The participants evaluated the training very well, expressed their desire to improve their skills as instructors in the future trainings.