On December 5, 2018, the Nuclear Security Center of Excellence in cooperation with nuclear regulatory body – the State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate organized and conducted the interagency workshop on the Basics of the Physical Protection. The workshop’s program presented the legal background, design, implementation and the main elements of the physical protection system of the nuclear infrastructure. The workshop’s main audience was the officers of the State Border Guard Service Ignalina Frontier District Nuclear Infrastructure Protection Unit – these are the officers who routinely work ensuring the security of the nuclear materials that has been used, stored, and transported within the Ignalina NPP sites. The workshop was based on the interaction between lecturers and participants and the organizers succeeded to achieve an active audience’s involvement into discussions, for instance, using “voting” equipment. During the workshop the following topics were presented and discussed: main principles and elements of the physical protection; past, present and evolving threats in the area of the nuclear security; number of case studies was analyzed with the emphasis on the security culture and its impact on the performance effectiveness; the threat of insider and requirements and measures in the area of the cyber security.

Additionally, the virtual 3D training tool representing the fictitious nuclear site “Shapash” was presented and discovered by the audience. After certain improvements, this virtual training tool will be widely used for the physical protection training purposes.