On the 20th June, 2013, The Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) held the seminar on Nuclear Security for the enhanced nuclear security across the borders. This seminar was the result of effective collaboration between NSCOE , European Commission Joint Research Centre, United States of America Department of Energy, Japan Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security and Lithuania‘s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aim of the seminar was to strengthen the capabilities of Lithuanian institution in the field of radiological/nuclear substances detection, also to develop collaboration between Lithuania and Japan towards the issues of radiological and nuclear security.

The guests from Japan Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security, representatives from Hitachi corporation and Japan Institute of International Relations. Also the representatives from Lithuania were attending the seminar. They were from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Border Guard Service, Customs, VIP Protection Department, Radiation Protection Centre and State Nuclear Power Safety Inspectorate.

The seminar was started with the topic about the international threats for nuclear safety and Lithuania’s policy of nuclear security. The head of NSCOE presented the interaction between Lithuania’s institutions acting to ensure the nuclear security and the radiation control across the borders.

Later, discussing about the equipment of radiation control and detection, the head of Border Guard School Professional Subjects unit presented the equipment that is used by border guards and the procedures. In order to ensure that the participants will correctly use the knowledge gained, the practical classes were organized. Also the simulation of the border violation was created. The participants had to use the equipment that was presented earlier to identify the risks.

The seminar was concluded when representatives from IBMNSC, EC JRC and USA ED presented their best practice, program of nuclear criminal and the elements of national response plan.

The participants of the seminar were glad to gain not only the theoretical but also the practical experience, share their best practice, that will be useful in the field of radiological/nuclear substance‘s detection.

June 18th the Head of NSCOE delivered the presentation about NSCOE during the seminar „Meeting Challenges of Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation“ which was organized by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs together with the Japan Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Security.