On September 23, 2020, the specialists of the Nuclear Safety Competence Center (NSCOE) participated in the exercise “Radiological Aerial Survey in the Event of a Nuclear Accident “. A field exercise was held in the framework of the national preparation program for the nuclear or radiological emergency at the Belorussian nuclear power plant in Astravets. Representatives from State Border Guard Service Aviation Board and Border Control Management Board as well as the experts from the Radiation Protection Centre participated in the event.

During the exercise, training radiological survey flights were conducted when the radiation dose measurements were taken and processed; special radiation detection equipment‘s effectiveness was tested as well as the coordination with ground forces was assessed.

The objectives of the exercises were achieved – the radiological aerial survey was completed successfully. At the same time, certain areas for improvements of procedures were noted; the needs for additional technical equipment and personnel training were identified.


© Photos from the NSCOE archives.