On June 4th, at the stadium of Kalnu Park in Vilnius, interinstitutional state-level civil protection exercises action phase took place. The simulated scenario included a terrorist attack using self-made explosive with radioactive materials (so called dirty bomb) at the stadium during the sport event. The state level emergency response plan was activated and responsible agencies demonstrated their performance in the real conditions. The purpose of the exercise is to test the procedures, improve and practice the emergency management and coordination as well as to enhance skills of the responsible institutions personnel to perform the assigned functions properly.

The Head of Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) A. Livšic participated in the exercise as the Leader of the Assessment Team. The following areas were assessed: initial response o to the incident, transmission of the leadership and coordination between response forces; crime scene management actions, dealing with radioactive contamination at the scene and mitigation of the consequences of the incident.

Generally participating institutions have shown a high level of preparedness to perform their functions, as well as acting in coordination of their actions to achieve optimal results. The exercise process itself was a particularly effective way for testing capabilities of the participating institutions, information management and coordination mechanisms and identifying ways to improve them.