On January 20–24 the Chief specialists of the Nuclear Security Competence Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) Dinara Neimontaite and Vaida Capaite participated in the 1st Workshop on the Radiological and Nuclear Training Frameworkwithin the European INCLUDING project.

This event was implemented in accordance with the project execution plan and convinied the INCLUDING project partners and other interested parties. The main objectives of this one-day-long workshop were:

– To deliver an overview of the current status of the standardization of RN training at EU level;
– To clarify the role of innovative methodologies and technologies in RN training;
– To assess the relevance of unconventional scenarios in RN training;
– To collect recommendations, suggestions and lessons learnt from participants.

Being one of the keys INCLUDING partners having considerable practical experience developing and implementing RN training, the Lithuanian NSCOE presented its experience.  developing training programs and training in  the RN field. The following presentations were delivered during the workshop by NSCOE representatives:

Systematic Approach to Nuclear Security Training (was presented by Dinara Neimontaite);

Practical use of Bloom’s Taxonomy by NSCOE (was presented by Vaida Capaite).

Besides the series of presentations, the workshop was also featured with a round table discussion. Here participants were engaged in interactive discussions on analyzing and assessing non-traditional RN threats and the challenges for the first response authorities to develop capabilities to mitigate such threats.

The event was open to practitioners, innovators, suppliers and other stakeholders in the RN sector, and was attended by around 70 different institutions from more than 6 EU Member States.

More information about the event in INCLUDING project newsletter:




© Photos from the NSCOE archives.