On 1–12th July 2019 Japan’s Integrated Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Security Center (ISCN) organized an international training course on “Physical protection of nuclear and radioactive materials and related facilities”. 24 participants from 14 countries participated in the training.

Main objectives of this course are to provide participants with knowledge of the development of integrated physical protection system at facilities for storage and use of nuclear and radioactive material and the evaluation of its effectiveness; to discuss the principles and methods of physical protection; raise awareness of individuals and organizations of the importance of nuclear safety and security. The training lasted for 2 weeks and was led by 5 ISCN instructors and 1 guest instructor – a specialist from the National Sandia Laboratory, USA.

During the training, participants had the opportunity not only to attend lectures, work independently in small work groups, but also to practice with the practical training tools available at ISCN, such as 3D facility environment, where a hypothetical nuclear object is designed and its physical protection system is created and a practical field equipped with physical security system detection equipment, intruder deterrent. The knowledge and experience gained during the workshops was necessary in preparations of the final thesis – designing and improving the physical protection system for the given object.

At the end of the first week of the training a field trip to Hiroshima City was organized, where participants visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for the victims of the atomic bomb, where participants had an opportunity to meet a witness who survived those events, who shared his experience of the atomic bomb explosion and its impact on the survival of the local inhabitants. This field trip effectively supported  understanding of the importance of a nuclear security.