On May 20–24, 2019 a representative of the Nuclear Security Center of Excellence (NSCOE) participated as an observer and consultant in the Instructors Training Course for Moldovan Border Guard and Custom Service officers, which was organized by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Interdiction Training Center (WMDTC) at the Borders Guard Service of Ukraine.

The cooperation between NSCOE and the WMDTC of Ukraine started in 2015, when NSCOE organized training on radiation control at the Training Center of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service with a trip by the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, where the training at the border checkpoint was conducted. In 2016 NSCOE training support was continued – at Klaipeda Seaport was conducted training to improve the competencies of Ukrainian and Moldovan colleagues in detecting radioactive materials.

Both divisions (NSCOE of Lithuania and WMDTC of Ukraine) are part of the Nuclear Security Support Centers (NSSC) Network, coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Currently, the NSSC Network unites 61 IAEA Member States authorities with key operational objectives to support the development and sustainability of nuclear security capabilities.