On 13th and 14 th May, 2013  The Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) together with the United States of America Department of Energy Pacific National North West Laboratory organized MDS Operators international workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the main issues related to the usage of the MDS and to exchange of good practice.

The mobile detection systems, due to their mobility, are effective means of radiation sources detection and control on the roads, the places of public events and other strategical locations. In various countries, the MDS are used usually by border guard or customs services.

The border guard and customs officers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Slovakia, Slovenia, :Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and Hungary attended the workshop. They discussed the examples of the MDS usage, the practical presentations were delivered. Officers presented case studies when  MDS were successfully used for radioactive materials detections. Very productive discussions on the practical maintenance and MDS operational concepts took place during the workshop as well.

USA Department of Energy representatives presented the latest technical development of the MDS which aims to make the usage of equipment more simple and operators work more convenient and effective..

This workshop was the first training event organized by the NSCOE that was attended by the international group of participants. It is considered as an important step towards extending the activity of NSCOE and strengthening the collaboration with Eastern European and post-soviet area.