The Annual Conference of the Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres Network (NSSC Network) took place on March 18-22, 2019 in China, Beijing city and convened 85 representatives from 48 countries ant 3 observer organizations.  The purpose of the meeting is to bring together International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Member States that have established or are planning to establish an NSSC in order to share information on key technical themes relevant to developing and operating such a centre.

Three new members of the NSSC Network (Azerbaijan, China Customs Training Center and Mauritania) and as well as an observer were introduced and approved by the plenum. The Network members in attendance also discuss overall Network priorities and received updates from the Network leadership on progress towards individual working group objectives achieved during 2018. The Network members reviewed and considered next steps in several key activities, including: updates to the NSSC Network’s information management tools; were introduced with the revised IAEA Technical Document entitled Establishing a National Nuclear Security Support Centre (IAEA-TECDOC-1734) which is due to be published officially and should become a comprehensive guidance and source of reference for the NSSCs; cooperation with the other networks and international initiatives; launching the technical exchange programs in order to promote and facilitate greater regional cooperation among NSSCs. All participants will also took part in technical site visits to China State Nuclear Security Technology Center (SNSTC) who hosted the Annual meeting so as to benefit from Chinese’s experience, good practices and lessons learned in establishing and operating its centre. The extensive interactive session dedicated capability building to mitigate the insider threat was carried out utilizing the China SNSTC mock facility.

Lastly NSSC Network members selected new leadership for the coming period 2019–2020. The Head of the Lithuanian Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence Mr. Aleksejus Livsic was elected to the position of Chair of the NSSC Network and will lead activities of the Network for next year. This is a second and final term for Mr. Livsic to stay in this capacity. Currently, the NSSC Network unites 65 States represented by 65 institutions. More about this meeting you can find there.