In July 2020, a shipment of the specific portable radiation detection equipment arrived in Lithuania. This modern equipment was donated to the State Border Guard Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (SBGS) based on a long-term cooperation agreement between the SBGS and the US Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence Bureau (US NSDD). The transfer of the equipment was organised and facilitated by the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence and the US. Embassy in Vilnius.

The equipment acquired will support the more efficient performance of radiation control both during the routine SBGS implementation of the standard border control inspections as well as participating in the joint operations with other Lithuanian institutions. It is also particularly helpful for the consistent strengthening of the SBGS’s preparedness for emergencies related to radiological accidents at nuclear facilities. The equipment received is particularly effective while performing radiological surveillance and other specific functions.

The value of the support received from the US is about 60,000 USD.


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