NSCOE representative attended IAEA Topical meeting: Implementation of the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centre (NSSC)

On 25th-27 th February, 2013 the Head of the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence A. Livsic took part in the NSSC Plenary meeting, which was held at IAEA. There were up to 60 participants from 35 Member States. The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was represented by the Trans Atlatic Cooperation and Security Policy official.

Main Meeting‘s objectives were following: further cooperation between NSSC members development, to facilitate information exchange, sharing information about the national achievements bulding sustainable Nuclear Security and Network‘s organizational administrative issues.

Among the others, the international speakers noted, that establishment of the Nuslear Security Support Centres is a very effective way to ensure and strengthen national and international capabilities addressing Nuclear Security Challenges.

Lithuanian NSCOE representative delivered presentation on the study „Overview of the Nuclear Security  Training capabilities“. This research has been carried out as the first step implementing the Systematic Approach to the Training Concept. The goal of the mentioned research is to find what are the personnel development systems applied by different national institutions and to compare the training possibilities (offer) and training needs (demands). The audience was attracted byt the presentation, many noticed a very quick development of Lithuanian NSCOE while many States have experienced difficulties establishing COEs.

Lithuanian input was provided along with presentations of powerful States such as UK, Germany, Brazil, Russia, China and Pakistan which also delivered presentations about national nuclear security capabilities development.

Additionally, bilateral meetings with our international partners were carried out in the margins.