On August 19-21, 2019 representatives of the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) attended a meeting of the Hungarian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian Nuclear Security Support Centers. The event was coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The “HLU Consortium” unites nuclear security support centres of the 3 states from the European region and is a sub-network of the IAEA coordinated Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres Network (NSSC Network).

The main objectives of the HLU Consortium are to ensure coordination and information exchange between members, to develop and implement joint activities in Europe.

The event featured field visits and familiarization with Ukraine partners facilities as well as intensive discussions.

One of the main tasks of the meeting was to harmonize and approve the HLU Consortium Terms of references (TOR). TOR outlines the objectives of the HLU Consortium, identify typical activities, define membership, relations with the IAEA, including financial support opportunities, information exchange and decision-making mechanisms. During the final session of the event, the next steps were discussed. Specifically, it was agreed that the HLU Consortium will be chaired by Hungary for the term of 2019-20. Acting as a leading party of the HLU Consortium, Hungary will draw up an action plan for 2020 and host the next meeting.

NSCOE’s participation in the HLU Consortium provides additional opportunities for collaboration with key regional partners, joint training, staff exchange programs, and other activities benefiting from IAEA financial and other support. It is an example of good practice and active international cooperation that we are able to develop and demonstrate.


© Photos from the archives of the NSCOE / HLU Consortium.