On 19 – 20 May, the NSCOE expert took part in the CBSS Expert Group on Nuclear Radiation and Safety (EGNRS) regular meeting was held in Tromsø, hosted by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority in the premises of the FRAM Center.

Experts discussed the way of developing cooperation on nuclear forensics (based on results of expert meeting in Stockholm on 29 April 2015). The programme of the Topical Day on Nuclear Forensics, to be held in Warsaw at the beginning of November 2015, was agreed. With the reference to this topic, the issue of cooperation between nuclear and radiation safety authority and law enforcement agencies has been widely considered.

Lithuanian NSCOE representative presented legal, institutional and practical aspects of such cooperation based on Lithuanian experience in protecting borders against illicit trafficking of radiation and fissile materials as well as investigating cases of unauthorized use of these materials inside the country.

Environmental monitoring and data exchange was one the key topic of the meeting. German delegation presented recent developments regarding upgrading ELAN-E system (Electronic Situation Display for the Emergency Management). EGNRS agreed to run pilot project to explore possibilities of using ELAN-E to establish regional system of exchange environmental monitoring data. Anna Nalbandyan and Anne Liv Rudjord (NRPA) presented the overview of results from the meeting at IRSN (Paris) in April 2015. The proposal on a reporting unit standard to be used when exchanging environmental radioactivity data within the CBSS has been presented and preliminary agreed. This proposal may become a recommendation of the CBSS for the national authorities if, by the end of June 2015, any delegation would not raise objections.

In addition, the present status of cooperation between gamma-spectrometric laboratories was overviewed. After withdrawal of STUK (Finland) there is a need to find new leading country and funding for this activity. The proposals in this respect should be defined by the next EGNRS meeting.

Also a round table on the recent activities (legislative and administrative changes, exercises, accidents) was carried out, with special attention attached to the construction of new Nuclear Power Plants in the region.