On June 26–29, 2019 a working group meeting on the Shapash Virtual Nuclear Facility convened in Vienna (Republic of Austria). The “Shapash” project is coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The participants of the meeting – developers, testers and other experts from the IAEA, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, the United States, Egypt and Thailand.

Shapash is a virtual nuclear facility with typical infrastructure created in 3D graphics format that is intended to be used for physical protection training. Shapash provides access to observe and discuss the routine activities within the facility, the types, quantities and locations of nuclear and radioactive materials contained therein and assess the elements of physical protection system.

Shapash’s primary purpose is to use it as a training tool for “Insider threat training”.

The Shapash project, initially began in 2017, is still under development. Therefore, the international team of developers, testers and other practitioners gathered to this meeting to exchange views and feedback. Lithuanian Nuclear Security Center of Excellence (NSCOE) is among the testers who tried to use “Shapash” for its training activities. Soon, the “Shapash” transition from 3D to VR format is expected.

The IAEA has announced that “Shapash” will be officially presented during the 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Security.