On January 20–24 the Head of the Nuclear Security Competence Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) participated in the meetings of the Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres (NSSC) Network coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Pursuing the vision of the NSSC Network of becoming the stronger tool for the Member States and the IAEA that supports sustainable nuclear security, the NSSC Network started 2020 with two consequent meetings.

  1. On January 20–21 NSSC Network Bureau held a consultancy meeting on the development of promotional and outreach material for the NSSC Network – an Information booklet for the NSSC Network Activities was prepared and video material was produced and recorded. An updated database of NSSC network participants was also discussed and tested. This information tool is intended to provide users with comprehensive information on the areas, capabilities, expertise and infrastructure of individual NSSC activities, as well as their needs. The results of the database analysis should help identify priority areas for NSSC network activities, training needs, exchange projects and other activities. In this way, the NSSC network will become an effective tool for the Member States and will benefit individual NSSCs. The updated database is expected to be presented to NSSC network members during the annual conference on April 6-10.
  2. On January 22-24 a consultancy meeting on establishing an overarching framework to collect NSSC best practices. Identifying, analysing and disseminating of good practice to all network members and other stakeholders is one of the key objectives of the NSSC network. The network is going to start intensive activities in this area collecting and rafting case studies, documenting lessons learned and collecting other types of  material covering all stages of the activities of the NSSC: the establishment and development of the centre, the processes of training, technical equipment maintenance and scientific support to the national authorities, quality management, cooperation and coordination between centres. During the meeting, experts developed specific criteria and parameters for good practice. It was also decided to create a special virtual library where good practice material to be stored. The virtual library will be created and hosted in the restricted area of the IAEA NUSEC portal.

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