In 2018, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian NSSCs in coordination with the NSSC Network point of contact at the IAEA Secretariat, agreed to establish the NSSC regional sub-network (hereinafter referred to as the HLU Consortium) within the NSSC Network operating in European region. Pursuing the same ultimate goals as the NSSC Network, the HLU Consortium will be focusing on similar objectives and take necessary actions consistent with the NSSC Network objectives and long-term strategy at the regional level, addressing the specific regional needs and sharing appropriate resources, and beyond.

HLU Consortium vision, mission and objectives

HLU Consortium vision is to ensure effective sustainable nuclear security in Europe and beyond.


HLU Consortium supports the efforts of States in sustaining their nuclear security regimes through coordinated, systematic and needs-assessment informed activities.

The objectives of the HLU Consortium are:

  1. To encourage HLU Consortium members’ coordination, cooperation and strengthen information sharing;
  2. To identify and share the best practices among HLU Consortium members; and
  3. To provide assistance to the stakeholders of Member States developing and implementing nuclear security sustainability programmes.

HLU Consortium News:
HLU Consotrium Meeting in Ukraine