On June 29, 2020, The Border Guard Day was solemnly celebrated in Vilnius, which this year coincided with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the State Border Guard Service […]

On June 10-11, 2020 the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence organized and conducted training on “Radiation Control during Inspections” for officers of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) Pagegiai Border […]

On March 3–4, 2020, the Nuclear Security Center of Excellence (NSCOE) specialists have been conducting training “Radiation Control during Inspections” to officials of State Border Guard Service Vilnius Border District. […]

This project is funded by the European Commission Research and Innovation programme “HORIZON 2020”. General information about project: WHAT IS INCLUDING ABOUT? INCLUDING is seek to provide a full-fledged and […]

In 2018, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian NSSCs in coordination with the NSSC Network point of contact at the IAEA Secretariat, agreed to establish the NSSC regional sub-network (hereinafter referred to […]

The Lithuanian Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence has been a member of the International Network for Nuclear Security Training and Support Centres (NSSC) since 2012. This network has been established […]

Effective nuclear security regime assigns specific functions and responsibilities to the different institutions at the same time, this should be supported by significant investments – human and financial. This is […]

There are a number of nuclear security incidents that happened in the past; a considerable number of incidents happen on the nearly daily basis. However, these are not so widely […]

Once the nuclear security incident has occurred and the responsible agency has assessed and re-confirmed the fact of the incident, the response system should be activated immediately. The response activities […]

All authorities and private entities – owners of the nuclear and other radioactive materials should ensure safety and security of those materials. But when the nuclear incident related to attempts […]

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