Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence

The mission of the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE) is to contribute to strengthening of nuclear security in Lithuania and the Baltic Sea Region, to ensure sustainability and long-term effectiveness of national nuclear security measures by providing support to human resource development and other support to competent authorities.


The national nuclear security regime is the totality of measures aimed at protecting the society, environment and property against undesirable incidents involving nuclear and other radioactive material. The nuclear security regime is an integrated part of the general national security regime.

 In order to ensure capabilities of Lithuanian law enforcement and other responsible authorities and their readiness to prevent any illegal or dangerous acts involving nuclear and radioactive material, to detect such material and prevent its transportation and proliferation, and to reduce nuclear terrorism threats, NSCOE provides support to these authorities in their development of competent staff, and contributes to improving coordination and interoperability of their activities.

State Border Guard Serviceat the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania